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Healthy lifestyle tips covers everything I’ve learned about taking care of my health since 1992. At the age of 30 I noticed a decline in my health. Sinus issues, headaches, lack of energy, mental fogginess, hives, among other things. All this along with an increase on the scale.

The search began for a solution. I tried different diets:

  • Low fat diet
  • Atkins diet
  • South Beach diet
  • The 3 hour Diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • and many others

They all seemed to be an all or nothing approach.

Forcing me to fit my lifestyle to the “diet”. Instead of the diet fitting my lifestyle.
After years of research, nutrition classes, using myself as a guinea pig… it all started to come together when I looked at what I was eating and my lifestyle.

I made small changes in my diet, exercise, stress management and the other tips provided here. By making on average a small change every 4-6 weeks, what seemed impossible is happening for me. I am what I consider living a healthy lifestyle.

One of the biggest changes to my health came when I found a product called Laminine.  I’ve been taking Laminine since October of 2011.  Some of the benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I no longer have hive breakouts.
  • I was amazed when I realized I hadn’t had a headache severe enough to take an aspirin in over a month until I actually needed one.  I was buying the super large bottle size every 2 months.
  • I no longer have night sweats
  • My energy is consistent throughout the day instead of lagging after 3:00 PM.
  • My mental sharpness returned.
  • The biggest for me was my sense of calm – stress almost disappeared.

I took my health to a whole new level when I added Omega+++. Some of the benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I no longer have knee pain when going up steps.
  • My feet are no longer dry and cracked

Small changes:

One of the healthy lifestyle tips I use is making small changes. Creating healthy habits one small change at a time. I fit these into my schedule and lifestyle without too much disruption. Just enough to stretch but not overwhelm me.

Find a “healthy tip” you can commit to making a lifetime habit. Once it becomes a habit select another one from the healthy living tips shared here. Create your own unique plan with life long benefits.


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4 Responses to Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Dr. Dilip Pendyala says:

    Please send me regular healthy lifestyle tips

  2. Linda Lee says:

    This is awesome article on natural aids to being healthy and losing those extra pounds and still baffled by the natural goodness that we enjoy abolishing natures fruits as well.

  3. Zoe Thacher says:

    Thank you very much for your “Healthy Lifestyle Tips” I agree with you that the creating healthy habits one small change at a time and your fit into your schedule and lifestyle without too much disruption. As I know, many people enjoy working hard, go home late, don’t exercise and much eat in night, especially office people, the bad news is when they worry about their health, they will try for hard exercise, lose their weight very fast by eat very little or use some drug for help.
    I’m not agree with those methods and still enjoy to be healthy girl with balance ways.
    Thank again for your sharing,

  4. Good post! We are linking to this great article on our site.

    Keep up the good writing.

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